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Ashley Brown
18 September 2008 @ 04:40 pm
Wow, it's been quite a while since I've posted. I kept swearing I was going to post about my job at Frys. So I am forcing myself to make this post and let everyone know whats been going on. I would put each section behind an LJ cut, but I'm too lazy to do that, so I'll just bold each section so you can skip over the stuff you don't give two shits about.


As many of you know from my emoing in my past few LJ posts, Duke died a little over a month ago. Needless to say, having a dogs for 23 years and then being without one is hard. I was 4 when Duke the first died, but we still had my dog Duchess. When Duchess died, it wasn't very long, probably a month afterwords that we got Duke the 2nd. So really for only two months of my whole life I have not had a dog. It was hard. Really really hard. There were days when I would be fine, and days where I would just cry and just sulk around the house. I still miss him and I still love him. Just like I still love and miss Duke the 1st and Duchess.

Poca was and is a blessing. She really stepped up when Duke died, humoring us and letting us hold her more. She actually let me cry into her neck when I came home from the hospital to put Duke down. She knew something was wrong and that her friend had gone away. I was happy, I still had my cat, and with any luck I would (and will) have her for 5+ more years.

My grandparents swore up down left and right that after Duke died, there would be and I quote 'no more fucking dogs in this house' because 'we are too old to have dogs damnit'. _I_ doubted that statement. They said the same thing when Duchess died. I may have been 9 but I wasn't stupid. I was spoiled enough then that even if my grandpa hadn't wanted another dog I probably could of cried my way into getting one.

I wasn't going to do that this time. Duke's death impacted me too hard, I also needed time to grieve. However, I was lonely. While Poca is affectionate, it's not the same level of affection a dog can give you. So I would jokingly pout to grandma that I wanted a dog and her answer would always be 'No way.'

Before Duke died we found out my grandma had Alzheimer's, actually just less then a week before he died we found it out, so needless to say that was the week from fucking HELL. So when Duke died I got scared. If my grandma got bad, who would protect her if grandpa and I went out late to do something? Or if my grandpa dies first (he does have cancer after all) and I have to work? At least with a dog, someone is here to protect her. I know a dog cant _take care_ of her, but he could protect her and any caretaker that would watch her in my absence (if she ever got that bad, will touch on that later on in post)

So at night I would secretly confide into my grandma about my fears and concerns. It happened about...2 weeks ago. I just...lost it, I started crying and sobbing after she was in bed, screaming to my grandpa that it wasn't true, that just because she didn't know the answers to some questions they asked her for them to diagnose her. Until she had a brain scan or actual congruent testing, fuck that shit, because she's 77, and only had a 4th grade education living in Newfoundland. I cried that it wasn't right that we had lost our dog and my grandma had been diagnosed with this. He calmed me down, but, since I share everything with my grandma, that's when she made a promise to me. When my grandpa died, if he passed away before she did, we would get a dog to keep us safe/protect us. We had decided SHE would be a Golden Retriever and we would name her Goldilocks.

So life went on, my job went on until yesterday. On my most glorious day off I went and took care of some business with them at the credit union before my grandpa took my grandma to the doctors.

She comes home and is looking around all ninja like before coming into my room declaring that grandpa was looking at pictures of dogs on the internet. my initial reaction was, "so what? I look at pictures of them too" and she was all "no, he's looking at pictures of PUPPIES, because we are getting a dog"

Needless to say i was floored. We flip flopped a lot. He tried to change is mind _a lot_ we went to like 4 different pet shops and finally today we went to the shelter. After all, they gave us Poca, and while I may hate how that shelter is run at some times, but like I said, they gave me my cat. For that, I will always, ALWAYS be in their debt. So why not go for a 2nd time charm?

Well, we found one. I am admittedly used to big dogs, even Duchess who by my height standards now is a small dog, was big when I was nine. However, this little guy is SO FUCKING CUTE. It doesn't matter to me that he's not big, he's cuddle sized and oh so sweet.

Now, picking out a name for him was hard. I had a list of names based on gender/breed/color that I was compiling at work before I left early (I got sick but got a dog anyway, yay me?). If it was a boy and black, regardless of the breed, he was going to be Phantom, nuff said. Girl and black? Twilight. Girl any other color? Tinkerbell. So what do name a small white Terrier/Poodle mix? My initial name was Mr. Nibbles. But grandpa whined and was all 'that name is so fucking gay! Let's keep with the Disney theme! Name it Peter Pan, and call it Pan for short'

So. I did.

But then he changes his mind again seeing as Pan sounds really weird by itself so I was all Jesus Christ this dog is gonna have an indentity crisis not 24 hours in his new home!!! But we finally agreed on a name Captain Hook.

Ladies and Gentleman, the newest addition to our family--and no I am not LJ cutting this you have to all die of cuteness:

Now let me say one thing. Like everyone under the sun when I started looking for a dog, I wanted a PUPPY. A wittle ickle baby that I could hold and coddle and love from day 1. But, none of the puppies I saw set that little...spark. We almost bipased Hook and gave up on this shelter. I was really bummed because my hopes had been raised up SO high from the night before that I wanted to cry. I was so ready to love a dog and bring one into my life again and it looked like it wouldn't happen. Then my grandma saw Hook and said, what about this one? First let me say I cringed at the name the shelter was calling him. 'Mr. Magoo' um hell no. But other than that? He was adorable, I loved him instantly and for the first time? All 3 of us agreed on a dog, no spilt or one way decsions. He was cute, little adorable and he was ours. Was he a puppy? No. But I didn't care and I still don't. He's two years old, and he's a terrier/poodle mix and you know what? I love him unconditionally already. He will never, ever have to worry about spending another night in a shelter again. I'll be dead and in my grave before that ever happens. Poca is a little peeved at the newcomer, but she'll warm up to him like she did with Duke. She followed him around for a bit when we brought him home, but pouted a little later on. Silly kitty, I love her uncondtionally too. Actually let me rephrase my earlier statement. I will be dead and in my grave before either one of my pets, or any future pet I get spends one night in a shelter. I will never _EVER_ abandon them. I cry enough leaving them at a boarding house for two days to go on a trip, to give them away forever? You better fucking kill me first.

Okay, moving on.


So ya, I work at Frys. I know some of you don't know that and are either like Yas with the reaction of: Holy shit you got a job? Or like Chanelle with the reaction of: Bout time you got off your lazy fucking ass and worked. Which are really the same things, but Chan would argue that her way sounds cooler.

So my job is a customer relations associate, which means I am really customer service to an extent, meaning I deal with guests over the phone all day, and do general office work. Yay something to put on my resume?

Anyway, I hate the pay, I didn't work my ass in college for a measley $9/hr 34.50 hours a week. Ya, I dont even get a full 40 hours. Lame ~.~ oh well. Miss Lisa is gonna help me with my resume and I'll continue to search.

I like my co-workers well enough. My supervisor? Is AWESOME. She is so not like a boss, she's like a friend. I get stupid calls on a daily basis though and people calling me a bitch and a cunt and a whore because I don't have something they want. Whatever, I hardly care. It's $$ in the bank so....ya.

I really don't know what else to say about working at Fry's. I sit on my answer, answer phone calls, look up rebates etc. Um, yay for me?
Ashley Brown
13 May 2008 @ 04:54 pm
okay so I am going crazy with boredom because I wanna talk to icegirl99 and kyuu_shashuno

One more day of school tomorrow and then I only go back one day next week for a final. yay!
Ashley Brown
04 February 2008 @ 11:27 pm
Do any of my friends want a HerStyler Pink Professional Straightener/Curling iron (one item in one) It's valued at $250, but I'm willing to sell it for $110 and and throw in the $30 HerStyle Conditioner for free. If you are interested but want to work out a different price, I'm open to listening. Let me know okay? ;)
Ashley Brown
03 August 2007 @ 03:21 pm
If you like making icons or like phantom of the opera, please join phantom_lims, when you read the rules, if you join, tell them I sent you. We only have two contestants so far. Please join!
Ashley Brown
15 April 2007 @ 11:14 pm
Happy 1 year anniversary to aznaphrodite and Chris!
Ashley Brown
15 April 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Dear Printer,

Ha, I kicked your ass and you are finally working.

Thanks for making it a 2-day-process

No love,


Dear Journalism 120 Assignment,

Fuck you, there are no articles in the fucking newspaper about how the war is having a direct impact on California souly, it has a direct impact on anyone

Go die.

No love,


Dear English 380 Assignment,

I don't hate you, because the teacher who assigned you is the best person in the world. I just havent gotten to you yet, will do so soon. Just have to figure out how to write a cirtical essay on you.

Semi Love,

Ashley Brown
26 August 2005 @ 12:17 am
in this post is just a place i can hold various icon awards I have recieved for the icons I have made, so this is basically just a filler post to hold the icon awards. And my only entry that will not be friends only so anyone can see them

Look if you want to seeCollapse )
Ashley Brown
10 October 2003 @ 09:08 pm
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